Wednesday, March 4, 2015

December 5, 2013 - We flew all the way to Cagayan De Oro  to attend a former officemate - and a good friend's wedding. Both the ceremony and the reception were held at the pool area  of  Pryce Plaza Hotel.

It was my and my partner's first travel to the southern part of the the Philippines and we ensure we enjoyed every minute of it. After the wedding reception we hurriedly went back to the hotel to change for our white water rafting along the Bukidnon River (or was that the Cagayan River). The entire drift along the river took 4 hours and there I thought it was only a quick ride and paddle. It was all pure fun except that we had two foreigners who were not appropriately briefed that they were suppose to get all soaking wet. Having them both on the raft really killed opportunities of having fun- they dont want ot get wet as they didnt bring any extras clothes with them.

Anyhow, these were the highlights of the that trip - the wedding:

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