Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dumaguete City - Siquijor trip

Yes. You read it right, it really is FRIED ICE CREAM. This has gain quite the popularity in the Dumaguete City and to those who knows the place. Its a delicacy if you wanna call it that, and its does taste like ice cream - underneath the baked crust that is.

This is one of the many statue of saints mounted on pillars surrounding the church of Saint Catherine of Alexandria. It is the same church right beside the historic Bell Tower.

We strolled around the vicinity of the church, It was my first visit to the place and I surely enjoyed being there. Its much like Cebu only a bit better in my opinion.

We were checked in at the Honeycomb Inn - which I felt has the best setting - located just across the Baywalk. The scenery is breath-taking at early morning as it faces the east - where the sun rises obviously.

Siquijor is one great place, and i get to tour around it. The highlight of tour around Siquijor was visiting antique churches. For some very strange reason I just really like the feel of old houses buildings and such - not to mention the architecture and engineering.

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